Happy Labor Day!

Sweden traditionally celebrates May with a ‘May Flower’, here is the flower of a young stevia plant!

On Sunday May 1st we celebrate Labor Day and the International Worker’s Day in Sweden and around most parts of the world. Paraguay and China celebrates it as well and we’d like to give a special thanks to our farmers who are out in the fields tending and growing our stevia plants.

As part of our commitment to sustainably sourced stevia we also want to make sure our farmers have the proper tools and education to be able to support themselves and their families. In Paraguay we have the ability to achieve this through or co-operation with Fundación Granular a non-profit organization with the objective to promote and develop sustainable farmers and farming of stevia.

As important as it is to help secure farmer’s ability to work in the fields, they also need to be able to reach us and discuss what we can do to help improve, which is why we often go to their homes and fields to discuss with them in person. Maintaining a healthy personal relationship with farmers is as important as a good business relationship. Again, you can see our work in more detail in our Sustainably Sourced Stevia film that we produced at one of our regular visits to the fields in Paraguay.

We wish all our farmers and employees (and you, dear reader!) a happy and relaxing labor day!