Stevia news update

We know that most of you don’t have time to scan the news every day, so we put together a short list of the most interesting sweet news for you!



Stevia leaves are approved in the EU!

We hoped, we lost faith, but finally the sweet tasting stevia leaves have been recognised as safe and approved to market and sell also in the EU. You’ll find more details about the stevia regulations here at our blog soon, until then read the amazing news here.

Special Report: Stevia Leads the Way in Natural Sweeteners Space

This article is from the beginning of 2017, but still very valid. Sugar will continue to come under fire throughout 2017, as consumers and governments are looking for healthier alternatives. Read the full article here.


Stevia extract is confirmed as natural

Sometimes we get questions about stevia leaf extract being natural or not, which we believe it is to 100 %. Recently, a new study concluded that steviol glycosides from the stevia plant are not altered during the extraction process, which supports stevia extract as a natural ingredient. See our press release here.


The long road to sugar tax

Many countries roll out sugar taxes as a tool to curb the escalating obesity and diabetes epidemic. UK is ready to go in 2018, but it has been a complicated issue which is summarized in this article from