Stevia extract celebrates 5 year EU approval

Five years ago, in December 2011, stevia extract or as the legislative body prefer to call it, steviol glycosides or E960 was approved for use in the EU and the first products hit the market shortly thereafter. With this 5 year anniversary to the approval that The Real Stevia Company was a central force in accomplishing, it’s worth looking back on stevia in Europe to see what has happened during this period.

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Stevia extracts: 5 years in the EU

Our latest stevia survey is here!

In the first interesting part of the survey, regular purchases of stevia has significantly increased when compared to last year!

Swedish consumers have significantly increased the regular purchases of products containing stevia in the past year. This according to a fresh survey* that The Real Stevia Company has commissioned from the research institute Novus, conducted among the Swedish general public. Today 31% responded that they have repeatedly purchased a product containing steviol glycosides as compared to 14% in 2015. Overall, four out of ten Swedes are aware that they have purchased a product containing steviol glycosides.


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Changes in this week’s opening hours

We have a few changes in our opening hours in Stockholm this week due to the Swedish Midsummer holiday.

• Thursday the 23rd of June the office will be open 08.30-14.30
• Friday the 24th of June the office will be closed

As you may know, Sweden is famous for its traditional Midsummer celebration and for those of you wondering why that is, check out this short video made by The Swedish Institute and VisitSweden explaining everything you need to know:

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies

Please also note that given vacation time we won’t be on full manpower during the coming weeks, but there will always be someone to handle your questions. You can reach our office at +46 (0)8 704 44 90